Secure the information you need with ISO22301 & ISO27001

Where you go and what you do, in an environment surrounded by systems managing other systems managed by people, security seems to be the word that keeps people awake at night. The main cause of this issue is the fundamental foundation of security awareness & training not being properly established and integrated into the organisations culture. So how can this be prevented? How can we build a sound resilience of security controls throughout the organisation? Yes that’s right, through ISO22301 & ISO27001 training and awareness. Read more

BCOE800 – 1-Day Business Continuity Plan Exercise, Audit and Maintenance

“The plan is nothing – planning is everything”. In other words, your business continuity planning needs the right continual care and feeding, if it is to be effective and efficient in keeping your organisation ticking. BCOE800 is a one-day course from DRI International designed to help you do just that. It reviews different possibilities for testing and exercise of your BCP in the specific context of your organisation. It also enables you to acquire working knowledge of audit and maintenance processes so that you can see what works, what doesn’t and how to set about fixing things where needed. And it brings you one more key element too. Read more

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BCOE-300 – A Positive Business Impact for Business Continuity

DRI International’s one day course BCOE-300 is designed to teach participants the reasons why business impact analysis should be done and the value of doing it. The course content is broadly applicable to all parts of an organisation or enterprise, even if attendees may have a job role that focuses on business continuity. The key elements such as critical business processes, recovery time objectives (RTO), recovery point objectives (RPO), interdependencies, vital records and acceptable exposure are all presented and discussed. However, if you’re thinking of sending staff on this course, there’s an additional aspect that might well interest you too. Read more

BCLE2000 – Doubly Good for Business Continuity Management and Business

If you’re considering sending your business continuity staff to this professional BCM certification course, you might also like to know about some of its wider-ranging benefits. The BCLE2000 training prepares participants for the Professional Qualifying Examination of DRI International. Success in this exam means achieving a status recognised worldwide. That’s the assurance to your organization that you have competent, knowledgeable personnel on board to reinforce and enhance business continuity. But what also counts is the route to that certification during the first four days of the training and a certain positive ‘ripple effect’ that organisations see afterwards. Read more

BCP 501 as Part of a True Skills Building Approach

Education can significantly improve knowledge and performance. However, much of that improvement depends on attitude. BCP 501, the 2.5 day review course on Business Continuity Planning, is no exception. Knowledge, competences and methodology are all packed into 16 hours of concentrated value for those who choose to approach it as skills-building rather than just ‘schooling’. What are the differences between these two approaches – and how can you get the most out of your business continuity training? Read more

Business Continuity Management Overview (BCOE-000) and Cross-Training

For managers, auditors and others who want a comprehensive overview of business continuity management, the BCOE-000 course from DRI provides great foundation knowledge. The one-day course uses the 10 Industrial Best Practices for BC Practitioners defined by DRI as a framework. Terminologies, definitions and practical applications then complete this awareness training. But the BCOE-000 overview goes further than being a useful, fast-paced and fun course. It’s also an opportunity for organisations to develop some cross-training, a tactic that can have additional positive benefits. Read more

A DRI Training Discussion Point – the Value of Your Data

Participating in DRI courses on disaster recovery and business continuity planning and management is an excellent idea for many organisations, big and… not so big! The principles, techniques and best practices presented in the training show you clearly how to understand and apply the concepts that can make the difference between an enterprise that swims or sinks. Sometimes important points in the courses can benefit from reinforcement, particularly for information that the world in general is still getting up to speed on. For example, understanding the financial impact of data loss, i.e. the value of your organisation’s data, is relevant for everybody concerned with disaster recovery and business continuity. Read more

Being Sure about Business Continuity with the DRI Auditor Certification Course (BCLE-AUD)

While business continuity plans and management leave ample scope for innovation and creativity, they must also be rigorously assessed to find out how well they will work. The 4.5 day course run by DRI-ANZ on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Auditor Certification trains you to do just that. You may already be part of a company’s audit team or you may active in planning or enterprise self-assessment programs. For any of these roles and more, the BCLE-AUD course brings you the knowledge you need. It also gives you the chance to confirm your newly developed aptitude by taking the DRI International Professional Qualifying Audit Examination.  How does this then help you and your organisation? Read more

From Risk Analysis to Emergency Management – Training Courses with DRI-ANZ

To get up to speed rapidly and effectively in business continuity and disaster recovery, training course given by experienced professional instructors from DRI International are an excellent solution. A flexible, modular approach gives both beginning and experienced BC practitioners the possibility to select training classes to suit individual requirements. BCOE 200 - Introduction to the Principles of Risk Management Business continuity management uses key methodologies and models to understand and apply risk management in particular. This course brings you the knowledge and practical application, so that you can understand what risk assessment accomplishes, why it is important in business continuity planning, how to do it and how to integrate risk assessment and its results in a business continuity program. The course data-gathering activities can also be used as part of BCOE 400 for developing business continuity strategies. BCOE 300 - Introduction to Business Impact Analysis The Business Impact Analysis is Read more

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Training and Certification with BCP501 and BCLE2000

Business continuity training at its best is adapted to different classes and different levels of BC experience. That’s how DRI International courses are organised. The two courses discussed below, BCLE 2000 and BCP 501 are part of the BCM (business continuity management) track. They enable participants to achieve different levels of internationally recognised certification. Other courses also exist for BC professionals for advanced BCM and for auditor, public sector and healthcare tracks. Read more