The Value of CBCP – The Certified Business Continuity Professional

Certification in business continuity skills has two major functions: a guarantee of excellence and recognition of that excellence. These two aspects are nonetheless different. Imagine a certification requiring professional levels of business continuity skills and experience, but that was unknown. Or one that benefited from great marketing, but that did not truly reflect the quality and aptitude of its holders. Fortunately, CBCP (Certified Business Continuity Professional) from DRI International satisfies both criteria. CBCP holders are prized the world over. Organisations know that CBCP is a rigorously applied certification granted only to professionals meeting overall high business continuity standards. What gives CBCP this enviable position in the business continuity world? Read more

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Getting to Grips with Disaster Recovery within ITIL and ITSM

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a methodology for improving the delivery of the IT services of an organisation. Logically enough, that includes disaster recovery – making sure that those services are made available again in a suitable way after an incident that prevents them functioning correctly. Following best practices for DR as part of ITIL methodology means using a number of DR concepts that you may already have met. But from a practical standpoint, the right tools and approach will be important too. They can also help you take your operations to certification level in ISO 20000, which is the international standard for IT service management (ITSM). Read more

How DRII Certification Helps to Improve Overall Audits

Nowadays, companies get audited in a variety of ways. Many audits relate to financial and business performance, although there are notable exceptions such health and safety audits. Financial audits for example are intended to express an opinion by an impartial expert about the correctness and realism of the financial statements of an enterprise. Stakeholders and investors use auditing statements to guide them in their own assessment of the overall worth of a company. However, if auditors are to contribute useful, relevant information, they also need some measure of the robustness of the organisation. It is here that DRII certification can help. Read more

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Disaster Recovery Education, like Exercise, is Best Done Continually

Olympic champion, you? Don’t worry, that’s not the goal here. You probably know that you don’t have to break records in athletics to get the benefits of basic exercise. Neither do you have to spend every waking hour training in DR to get the dividends of continuing DR education. True, the Disaster Recovery International Institute (DRII) makes repeat examination a condition for continuing to justify DRI certification. However, the work that is needed to stay at a suitable level of expertise can also do you good. And just like exercise, a little of it done regularly and sufficiently often can be enough to net you the two following major advantages. Read more