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Will a ‘Non-Stop’ Attitude Break Your Organisation?

More and more, the expectation is that enterprises will provide services at any time. Internet banking and e-commerce are prime examples. Customers can hop onto the web at three in the morning if they choose, and check their accounts, transfer money or buy almost anything they want. However, that means a ‘non-stop’ infrastructure needs to be in place for the provider to offer 24-hour, round the clock service. This is where dangerous confusion can creep in. It’s confusion that clear business continuity thinking needs to eradicate, if interruptions and accidents are to be avoided. Read more

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Secure the information you need with ISO22301 & ISO27001

Where you go and what you do, in an environment surrounded by systems managing other systems managed by people, security seems to be the word that keeps people awake at night. The main cause of this issue is the fundamental foundation of security awareness & training not being properly established and integrated into the organisations culture. So how can this be prevented? How can we build a sound resilience of security controls throughout the organisation? Yes that’s right, through ISO22301 & ISO27001 training and awareness. Read more

Policies and Standards in Business Continuity – Old Hat or Essential?

Policies? Sometimes that sounds like something from the 1960s, when companies were all ‘command and control’ and corporate rules couldn’t even be bent, let alone broken. In that sense, applying policies to business continuity could almost be an oxymoron: policies were what often hindered or halted enterprises, instead of encouraging continuity. Standards don’t always get good press either. But if there’s a problem concerning ‘policies’ and ‘standards’ for business continuity, it’s more one of perception. Policies and standards, when used correctly, become a useful, indeed essential, backbone for business continuity across the organization. So how can you make them work for you, and not against you? Read more

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Digging Down to the Real Causes of Business Disruption

Sometimes, despite the best laid plans for business continuity, something breaks and business is disrupted. While the priority is to get business operations back in working order, it’s often worth taking a moment afterwards to reflect on the cause of the problem. There may be a big difference between the symptoms of the problem (for instance, a production line keeps breaking down); and the real cause (nobody renewed the maintenance and support contract). These two aspects must be distinguished and handled properly. In our example, you’d get the production line working again first, then put a contract in place for regular preventive maintenance. Symptoms are usually obvious. But what’s the best way of finding out the underlying cause? Read more

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What the World Needs Now is… More Good-Quality Cyber-Security Training

Love, sweet love, is a great idea for the world. Hal David and Burt Bacharach made a great song out of suggesting that we could use more of it. However, there also are a few more things that could be added to the list. One of them is cyber-security training. A recent study by Unisys indicates that almost 70 percent of critical infrastructure providers had at least one significant security breach within the preceding year. In a ‘cause and effect’ follow-on, the same study showed that employees lacked training cyber-security. In fact, only about one in 16 organisations (6 percent) did anything about it. So what’s the problem – complacency or lack of solutions? Read more

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BCLE 2000 – Business Continuity within a Skills-Building Approach

The comprehensive 4.5 day professional business continuity management course from DRI International can be a very different experience according to which approach you take as an attendee. The right approach helps participants get the most out of the course, maximizing the return on the rich information and the certifying exam at the end. The DRI’s 10 professional practices that under-pin BCLE 2000 are each reviewed and applied in practical classroom exercises. The professional instructors with relevant and valuable industry experience guide students through the material and help them to assimilate it. However, the other key element for enduring advantage comes from another source. Read more

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BCP-501 Business Continuity Planning Review – Good for ‘Employers of Choice’ Too

The BCP-501 course with its certifying examination has two major objectives. Firstly, it provides business continuity planning revision. And secondly, it prepares attendees for the DRI International Qualifying Examination.  That means a fast-paced, information-packed 16 hours of instruction for a real BC planning work-out with professional instructors who know the subject thoroughly. Different BCM credentials can be applied for: ABCP, CFCP, CBCP and CBCV from DRI International. Together with this, it’s designed to be fun and to elicit active participation. There are also further advantages for enterprises and organisations enrolling employees for this course. Read more

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BCOE800 – 1-Day Business Continuity Plan Exercise, Audit and Maintenance

“The plan is nothing – planning is everything”. In other words, your business continuity planning needs the right continual care and feeding, if it is to be effective and efficient in keeping your organisation ticking. BCOE800 is a one-day course from DRI International designed to help you do just that. It reviews different possibilities for testing and exercise of your BCP in the specific context of your organisation. It also enables you to acquire working knowledge of audit and maintenance processes so that you can see what works, what doesn’t and how to set about fixing things where needed. And it brings you one more key element too. Read more

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BCOE700, the 2-Day Business Continuity Planning Workshop with a Bias for Action

If you’ve read the book ‘In Search of Excellence’ by Tom Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr., you may remember that a key insight about what made organisations excellent was a ‘bias for action’. In other words, while theory and principles can be valuable, what counts is to apply them. Together, those are the defining features of the BCOE700 course. As a participant, you will acquire new skills in developing and implementing your business continuity plan. Establishing, assembling, sustaining and embedding your BC plan are all key aspects of the course, with additional advantages too. Read more

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BCOE-500 Emergency Management and Staff Morale

The DRI International one-day course in emergency preparedness and response (BCOE-500) is primarily to give participants an understanding of emergency management and crisis planning. But as an employer you may also see certain other benefits, without even having to go through the rigours of either an emergency or a crisis. Having a group of people trained in these areas often has positive secondary effects back at their place of work. Read more

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