If you’ve read the book ‘In Search of Excellence’ by Tom Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr., you may remember that a key insight about what made organisations excellent was a ‘bias for action’. In other words, while theory and principles can be valuable, what counts is to apply them. Together, those are the defining features of the BCOE700 course. As a participant, you will acquire new skills in developing and implementing your business continuity plan. Establishing, assembling, sustaining and embedding your BC plan are all key aspects of the course, with additional advantages too.

To emphasise the practical nature of this fast-paced, fun course, DRI International instructors first present the 10 professional practice areas in DRI. This makes a strong conceptual base from which to analyse your organisation. With your course instructor, you then progress to implementation specifically for your own enterprise, with a useful template that can be customised to your needs. Local requirements are integrated into the course to make sure that application is optimised for all attendees. Interactive training methods and opportunities for you and other participants to exchange ideas and experiences are all part of the learning process too.

By the end of the two days of the BCOE700 course, you will also have accomplished simulations and table-top exercises to firmly anchor both the concepts and their application. The training is structured so that participants return to their companies well-equipped to develop their own business continuity management charters. That’s how DRI International helps you to boost the ‘bias for action’ success factor. BCOE700 gives you everything you need facilitate quick, high-quality decision making and problem solving for getting on with your business continuity and enhancing the resilience – and the excellence – of your organisation.