The BCP-501 course with its certifying examination has two major objectives. Firstly, it provides business continuity planning revision. And secondly, it prepares attendees for the DRI International Qualifying Examination.  That means a fast-paced, information-packed 16 hours of instruction for a real BC planning work-out with professional instructors who know the subject thoroughly. Different BCM credentials can be applied for: ABCP, CFCP, CBCP and CBCV from DRI International. Together with this, it’s designed to be fun and to elicit active participation. There are also further advantages for enterprises and organisations enrolling employees for this course.

Good training in business continuity can build a virtuous circle of BC reinforcement in a company. There are the immediate benefits of having well-trained personnel able to improve the ability of the organisation to function even in adverse situations. There is also a secondary benefit to the company’s image as an employer. Having a reputation for providing quality training for employees helps enterprises to attract talented and ambitious new recruits, keen to improve and demonstrate their skills. Loyalty and staff retention are also often enhanced, as is employee contribution to company goals.

These elements are crucial for enduring company performance and therefore medium and long term business continuity. They consolidate the business continuity of the company by multiplying the efficacy of the course content, instruction and exam. Areas covered such as DR planning, risk analysis, team operations, emergency management, testing, maintenance, measurement and audit all find correspondingly more effective application. And to continue the good work and build even stronger business continuity in a company both horizontally and vertically, DRI International also offers additional courses to develop specific aspects of BCP-501 and to involve different functions and levels of management.