DRI International’s one day course BCOE-300 is designed to teach participants the reasons why business impact analysis should be done and the value of doing it. The course content is broadly applicable to all parts of an organisation or enterprise, even if attendees may have a job role that focuses on business continuity. The key elements such as critical business processes, recovery time objectives (RTO), recovery point objectives (RPO), interdependencies, vital records and acceptable exposure are all presented and discussed. However, if you’re thinking of sending staff on this course, there’s an additional aspect that might well interest you too.

Investing in staff training in business continuity and business impact analysis in particular helps an organisation to better predict and prepare for the future. Furthermore, it also enhances the image of the organisation as seen by staff. Good quality, relevant training that helps an enterprise to function better and staff to develop careers means the company is perceived as a good place to work. The company gains in visibility as an organisation offering its employees the opportunity to develop and achieve individual objectives and aspirations. In other words, your company is seen as nurturing its employees.

Notwithstanding the part that technology plays in business and professional activities today, the human element remains critical to the success of any enterprise. Being able to attract talent is essential in fields where suitable candidates may be few and far between, and important in all the others. Staff leaving can lead to erosion of knowhow, ignorance of market and customer expectations, and high costs of hiring to replace those who leave. Offering your staff the possibility to attend training such as BCOE-300 could not only help your organisation to better deal with business impact, but could also create a positive business impact for you all by itself.