Business Continuity Planning Review (BCP-501) – It Starts Before You Get There!

The name of the course says it all – or does it? A business continuity planning review course means training for people who have already had experience of business continuity. But good BC practice also means that while you’re in training, your organisation still continues to function properly. Don’t be a single point of failure! Follow the tips below to prepare for a truly productive three days covering risk and business impact analysis, forming BC teams, testing your BC planning, the Incident Command System, and much more. Read more

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Training Employees in Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

Got a great business continuity and disaster recovery plan? Then don’t keep it a secret – at least not from your employees. The effective execution of these plans will depend on people in your organisation knowing what they have to do and under which circumstances. That means communicating information about the plan and providing training, according to the requirements.  Typically, there will be two levels of such requirements: one for people with specific responsibilities and roles; and another for overall awareness and action in case of a generalised incident or threat to business continuity. Read more

The Value of CBCP – The Certified Business Continuity Professional

Certification in business continuity skills has two major functions: a guarantee of excellence and recognition of that excellence. These two aspects are nonetheless different. Imagine a certification requiring professional levels of business continuity skills and experience, but that was unknown. Or one that benefited from great marketing, but that did not truly reflect the quality and aptitude of its holders. Fortunately, CBCP (Certified Business Continuity Professional) from DRI International satisfies both criteria. CBCP holders are prized the world over. Organisations know that CBCP is a rigorously applied certification granted only to professionals meeting overall high business continuity standards. What gives CBCP this enviable position in the business continuity world? Read more

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