Emergency Preparedness & Response

BCOE-500 Emergency Management and Staff Morale

The DRI International one-day course in emergency preparedness and response (BCOE-500) is primarily to give participants an understanding of emergency management and crisis planning. But as an employer you may also see certain other benefits, without even having to go through the rigours of either an emergency or a crisis. Having a group of people trained in these areas often has positive secondary effects back at their place of work. Read more

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From Risk Analysis to Emergency Management – Training Courses with DRI-ANZ

To get up to speed rapidly and effectively in business continuity and disaster recovery, training course given by experienced professional instructors from DRI International are an excellent solution. A flexible, modular approach gives both beginning and experienced BC practitioners the possibility to select training classes to suit individual requirements. BCOE 200 - Introduction to the Principles of Risk Management Business continuity management uses key methodologies and models to understand and apply risk management in particular. This course brings you the knowledge and practical application, so that you can understand what risk assessment accomplishes, why it is important in business continuity planning, how to do it and how to integrate risk assessment and its results in a business continuity program. The course data-gathering activities can also be used as part of BCOE 400 for developing business continuity strategies. BCOE 300 - Introduction to Business Impact Analysis The Business Impact Analysis is Read more