BCLE2000 – Doubly Good for Business Continuity Management and Business

If you’re considering sending your business continuity staff to this professional BCM certification course, you might also like to know about some of its wider-ranging benefits. The BCLE2000 training prepares participants for the Professional Qualifying Examination of DRI International. Success in this exam means achieving a status recognised worldwide. That’s the assurance to your organization that you have competent, knowledgeable personnel on board to reinforce and enhance business continuity. But what also counts is the route to that certification during the first four days of the training and a certain positive ‘ripple effect’ that organisations see afterwards. Read more

Business Continuity Management Certification Course (BCLE2000) – Put It Into Action!

If you’re planning to attend the 4.5 day BCLE2000 course and achieve DRI International certification, good for you! The course gives attendees a thorough grounding in business continuity management, addressing each of the ten Professional Practices defined by the DRI. But what also counts is the use you make of this information when you get back to your own organisation. Review, apply and practice! Information is only of value when it’s applied to solve a problem or improve a situation. The following tips may help you to maximise the effects. Read more

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