Secure the information you need with ISO22301 & ISO27001

Where you go and what you do, in an environment surrounded by systems managing other systems managed by people, security seems to be the word that keeps people awake at night. The main cause of this issue is the fundamental foundation of security awareness & training not being properly established and integrated into the organisations culture. So how can this be prevented? How can we build a sound resilience of security controls throughout the organisation? Yes that’s right, through ISO22301 & ISO27001 training and awareness. Read more

Training and Certification in Societal Security – What’s That?!

You can stop holding your breath. Societal security as in the standard ISO 22301:2012 is remarkably similar to business continuity management. Before this standard, there was another one called BS 25999-2 that was clearly positioned as the reference for BC management. The ISO standard replaces BS 25999-2. The ISO 22301: 2012 standard however makes provision for an organisation to be certified by an accredited body. That means the organisation can show proof of compliance to its different stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, investors and senior management. Read more