Starting Off on the Right Foot with IT Service Continuity Management

In a certain sense, if you want to start off correctly with IT service continuity management or ITSCM, then don’t start. Or rather, don’t start your ITSCM before you start – or your organisation starts – the overall business continuity planning. The whole IT function must be driven by business requirements. Likewise, IT continuity must be architected according to the overall needs of the business. But does that mean that IT is fated to be entirely reactive? Read more

BCOE800 – 1-Day Business Continuity Plan Exercise, Audit and Maintenance

“The plan is nothing – planning is everything”. In other words, your business continuity planning needs the right continual care and feeding, if it is to be effective and efficient in keeping your organisation ticking. BCOE800 is a one-day course from DRI International designed to help you do just that. It reviews different possibilities for testing and exercise of your BCP in the specific context of your organisation. It also enables you to acquire working knowledge of audit and maintenance processes so that you can see what works, what doesn’t and how to set about fixing things where needed. And it brings you one more key element too. Read more

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“Thinking Around” for Better Disaster Recovery Education

As you progressed in your early education from the basics like learning your alphabet and simple arithmetic, and onwards with subjects like history, geography, maths and the sciences, you may well have been told to read around your subject. Good teachers know that “the map is not the territory” and that if you really want to get the most out of a subject, reading a variety of different texts and articles on that subject is a step forward in expanding your understanding. It lets you gain insights and make connections that might otherwise have eluded you. At disaster recovery plan level however, there’s a further recommended step. Read more

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