Knowledge becomes effective when it is applied. What better place to apply it than in your own organisation or business? That’s one of the major benefits of the corporate training offered by DRI Australia and New Zealand. By bringing business continuity and disaster recovery training to you, rather than vice versa, the opportunities are multiplied to make the course home in on your particular circumstances and interests. Course material can be adapted or created to address the points that are of specific importance to you and your team. Productivity goes up because participants do not have to spend time travelling. And there are at least two other key advantages to be gained.

Firstly, training a team of people all from the same enterprise helps to get them working together for effective business continuity planning and management. Experienced, professional DRI instructors encourage positive team dynamics and focus. They also guide team participants towards full understanding and application of BC principles and practices in the context of your organisation. Having your team members work together on material tailored to be the most realistic and relevant for your business is an excellent way to build interest and momentum that continues after the training.

Secondly, a focused business continuity or disaster recovery training event on your site for your team has excellent potential for internal awareness and publicity. It increases senior management’s appreciation of the importance of good planning and management for BC and DR. And when you make it part of your internal communications, it also boosts general employee understanding of the benefits and the need to be aware and prepared. By announcing the event ahead of time, reporting on training as it happens and giving an account of its value afterwards, you can leverage your on-site corporate training to then follow up with further employee information campaigns, presentations and exercises of your own.