Is It Business Continuity or Risk Management?

What’s in a name? Depending on the person offering the definitions, business continuity and risk management are sometimes considered as different functions, or subsets of each other, or simply the same. For example, the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery approach to risk management or PPRR is presented as risk management. However, when all the steps are accomplished and the results put together, you end up with a business continuity plan. Indeed, risk identification and business impact analysis are two classic steps in preparing overall business continuity. But what then of the opposite idea that business continuity is a subset of risk management? Read more

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Building a Continuity Plan for Pandemic Influenza: Adapting BC to Special Needs

How would you deal with a pandemic in order to keep your organisation operational? Would you split departments into two physically separated units to increase the probability that at least half the employees could still work – or have ten per cent of the workforce move to remote homeworking? The one day Pandemic Influenza business continuity course from the DRI gives participants targeted training on understanding and handling these situations. Yet while influenza is already a real threat to business continuity and productivity, the material in this course has further ranging application too. Read more

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