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The Return on Investment for Business Continuity Training

There’s no doubt that training in business continuity planning and management is an investment. And as such, organisations are justified in insisting on a return. It’s not just the financial expense of a course, travel and so on, but also the time spent away from one’s normal professional activities. So any training course in business continuity needs to pay attention to ways in which attendees and their organisations can quantify their ROI. Read more

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DRII Training Shows You Who Owns What in Business Continuity

Wait a minute – as a Business Continuity professional, doesn’t that already make you responsible for business continuity in your organisation? In many cases it does, but there’s a subtle difference between responsibility and ownership. This just one of the practical points brought out by different DRII training courses. It’s all part of making sure that attendees learn not only the theory and principles that underpin good BC management, but also how to work with the rest of their organisation to make sure that business continuity is real, active and adequate. So where does the difference between being responsible and owning apply? Read more

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