Whether you’re a either a novice or an experienced planner or auditor, the BCLE-AUD course has several advantages to offer you. Of course, there’s the up-to-date course information and the certification to DRI standards, as a Certified Business Continuity Auditor (CBCA) or Certified Business Continuity Lead Auditor (CBCLA). But this 4.5 day course on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity is also a unique opportunity to meet peers and exchange notes, ideas and why not, business cards with your fellow attendees. What you get out of this course will be a combination of the following.

The BCLE-AUD course itself prepares you with comprehensive coverage of the terms, similarities, differences and practices that define disaster and emergency management, and business continuity. You’ll get practical experience under the supervision of a professional instructor on performing an audit. You’ll continue to apply your knowledge and learning by identifying possibilities for improvement from that audit, and presenting your audit results and recommendations. In short, all the things you’ll need to carry out this auditing back in your own organisation.

In parallel, you can also make the most of the time available for discussion with your colleagues. Informal exchanges can be an excellent way to reinforce learning, to stay focused on your course objectives and to start applying the course material. It’s a great way to enjoy the course, both during scheduled training hours and around them. Remember – you learn more and you learn better when you’re having fun, and that’s what BCLE-AUD should let you do! The contacts you make can also become part of your own professional network of colleagues, with whom you can keep in touch and perhaps meet again at forthcoming DRI business continuity refresher courses.