Disaster Recovery Has to Continue Beyond “Just Recovery”

There is a tendency to believe that once disaster recovery measures have been taken and systems brought back into operation, a disaster recovery manager’s job is done (apart from planning and preparing for future incidents). However, much like patients leaving hospital after an operation, vigilance is crucial. Complications and relapses can happen unexpectedly. Vulnerabilities can be created unintentionally Read more

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Business Impact Analysis – The Input, the Whole Input, Nothing but the Input

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a key part of the Disaster Recovery Planning process. Good judgment is a part of the whole DR planning, but the specific challenge of identifying possible risks and their impact in the first place is part of the BIA.  You’ll need to ask the people who know about the vulnerabilities that could affect their jobs, teams or departments. You’ll also need to do that in ways that allow you to be reasonably sure that you’ve spotted all the impacts that count and the basis that need to be covered. Read more

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