Designing in Disaster Recovery

From afterthought to preconception, many aspects of IT are now being designed into systems and networks at the earliest possible stage, i.e. when the first specification documents are drawn up. Code testing, performance, and security can all be part of the spec and developed and enhanced together with the application functionality. Sure, reliability and availability are usually part of the design and the project goals too, but the case is now strong for making disaster recovery part of the IT solution DNA as well. Read more

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Avoiding Confusion between Technology and Business Continuity

With technology driving so much business activity now, it’s easy to start thinking of it as the be-all and end-all of business continuity. After all, cloud and virtualisation solutions instantly move computer loads between servers and sites. Policy-defined software programs securely control access to information. Virtual desktop applications exactly reproduce the same user computing environment on any device in any location for automatic business continuity, whether or not your physical office is still standing. However, the danger is in confusing a resource with an objective. Read more

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