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When Facebook is the Fastest Way to a Business Disaster

We should make it clear from the outset that social networks like Facebook are not themselves the villains. The risks for businesses are in the ways that employees use these networks. Neither are we talking about employees being distracted from their ‘real’ work by spending too much time communicating via social media. Many enterprises that tried to curtail or ban access to social media found that their actions caused more problems than they were supposed to solve. The immediate problem is in fact one of security awareness and best practices. Read more

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Will These 4 Trends Affect Your Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery has already come a long way since the early days. Back in the 1970s, IT systems were mainframe and batch-oriented, with downtime (grudgingly) accepted of a few hours or even a few days. Since then technological advances have led to big changes in DR management. In addition, the Internet catalysed significant social changes that in turn had impacts on the way IT is used. As a result, expectations have changed from the availability of systems to the way information is communicated about problem resolution. Do the following trends now need to be integrated into your own DR planning? Read more

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