Pros and Cons of Business Continuity in the Cloud

For many, the cloud represents business continuity. After all, it’s reputed to be scalable, secure and resilient, as well as being affordable, allowing organisations to start and stop systems and store and delete data at will. But what if your cloud provider was not the perfect embodiment of these sterling qualities? Before you commit to the cloud for your own business continuity, it may be wise to check the following points. Read more

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What Are You Missing in Threat Intelligence for Business Continuity?

There’s no doubt that threat intelligence is a hot topic today. The debate goes on about how best to collect and analyse information to identify existing and emergent threats. Attacker techniques and capabilities are scrutinised to draw up plans for defence. Software applications allow organisations to draw up ‘attack trees’ to methodically describe the security of their systems. These methodical approaches have merit because they encourage organisations to think through different scenarios and reinforce their business continuity management appropriately. However, threat intelligence also needs to go further. It needs thinking that is ‘outside the box’ (or outside the system). Read more

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Business Continuity Depends on a Culture of Security Too

While protecting your organisation against disasters and blunders is a necessary step, it’s not sufficient for solid business continuity. Security breaches are a threat to all businesses and public agencies. With information fast becoming one of the most valuable assets an organisation can have, the natural consequence is that it also needs to be protected against theft or sabotage. But where should an enterprise start? The fact is that while technologies can be complex and security measures for those technologies doubly so, much of the protection required concerns the attitude and behaviour of employees. So while you’re evaluating the latest in anti-virus software and Internet firewalls, remember the following key points as well. Read more

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