Like It or Not, Third Party Risk Affects Your Business Continuity

Outsourcing and third party suppliers were highly fashionable a few years ago. Now the enthusiasm is somewhat tempered by a number of realisations. Increased risk and in some cases outright failure have incited enterprises to take a closer look at third party impacts on business continuity. Recent figures from auditing and consulting company Deloitte in the UK state that 87% of organisations surveyed have suffered business disruption due to third parties, whether from loss of data, failure to deliver on time, or other causes. Confidence in managing third party risk was low to moderate for over 94%, yet over 73% thought third parties would be critical to their business in the coming year. So how big are the risks and what are the solutions? Read more

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You Can Outsource Your Supply Chain, but Can You Outsource Your Risk?

Supply chains are where the smart money is when it comes to building competitive advantage. Building a ‘machine’ that blends production, logistics, sales and service for the best in customer satisfaction and enterprise profitability is the way to get ahead. Great supply chains are hard to copy, unlike pricing strategies or even technology. However, great supply chains are sometimes hard to build as well. For reasons of cost reduction or access to resources and know-how that they don’t have in-house, many companies outsource part or even all of their supply chain activity. The risk however often stays within the companies – and it’s been getting bigger and bigger. Read more

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