Mobile Computing

Designing in Disaster Recovery

From afterthought to preconception, many aspects of IT are now being designed into systems and networks at the earliest possible stage, i.e. when the first specification documents are drawn up. Code testing, performance, and security can all be part of the spec and developed and enhanced together with the application functionality. Sure, reliability and availability are usually part of the design and the project goals too, but the case is now strong for making disaster recovery part of the IT solution DNA as well. Read more

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How the Consumer IT Market is Driving Business Continuity Management

For many aspects of IT, the business market takes its cue from developments in the consumer sector. Even if other items like servers, databases and virtualisation are still enterprise-centric, developments in tablet PCs and smartphones are driven first of all by what private users want. These mobile computing devices are accounting for an increasingly large part of IT everywhere. That means that if you want to see what will happen in the business market tomorrow, look at the consumer market today. Tablets and smartphones also open up new possibilities for effective business continuity management. But other consumer IT innovations are contributing to changes in BCM too. Read more

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