IT Governance

Starting Off on the Right Foot with IT Service Continuity Management

In a certain sense, if you want to start off correctly with IT service continuity management or ITSCM, then don’t start. Or rather, don’t start your ITSCM before you start – or your organisation starts – the overall business continuity planning. The whole IT function must be driven by business requirements. Likewise, IT continuity must be architected according to the overall needs of the business. But does that mean that IT is fated to be entirely reactive? Read more

Keeping Business and IT Connected for Better Business Continuity

For many organisations, markets change fast as customer needs develop and competitors offer new solutions. Business people under pressure to get new products and services to market may ask more of the IT department than it can deliver at that moment. This friction can cause difficulties in communication and relationships between the two groups. From there, it can lead to fragile or fractured business continuity. The answer is systematic collaboration to ensure that plans are made ahead of time and that the organisation can take advantage of opportunities while avoiding performance issues and outages. Ideally, both parties will have a proactive role to play. Read more

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