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Disaster Recovery Millennial-Style – Don’t Let DR Become “tl;dr”!

Unless you have been living an extraordinarily sheltered life (which is difficult to do in business), the concept of millennials will probably be familiar to you. Millennials are people born at some time during the period 1980 to 2000 (although these dates are approximations). Also known as “Generation Y”, they are typically at ease with digital technology and big on digital collaboration, among other traits. Read more

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How Do You Measure Business Continuity (Other than by Failure)?

Measuring the effectiveness of business continuity planning and management poses a conceptual problem. If business continuity is all about keeping operations going in adverse circumstances, how do you measure your ‘goodness of keeping operations going’? IT disaster recovery is by comparison an easier case to deal with, thanks to its recovery time and maximum data loss objectives (RTO and RPO). But business continuity is more about ‘always on’. Anything else less than 100% implies failure. What kind of a handle can we get on other business continuity metrics and what use are they? Read more

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