3 Pitfalls with Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based disaster recovery has a lot going for it, including cost reduction for hardware, software, maintenance, and staffing. Not only can organisations avoid the large initial investments associated with traditional DR and the need to buy their own servers, data centre space, etc., they can also restrict much of their ongoing costs to what they use. Read more

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A Social Engineering Primer for Business Continuity Managers

We live in a digital age with high-tech solutions everywhere. Yet cyber threats to business continuity don’t just come from vulnerabilities in machines, but in people too. Social engineering (a strange term that simply means ‘conning’ people in this context) is one of the most effective techniques that hackers and cyber criminals use. In fact, it’s often much easier for them to play confidence tricks on people to get confidential user and password information, than to try to break the latest encryption software. Read more

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