Disaster Recovery Trends from 2017 to 2018

Happy 2018! The end of the year is like your birthday – it’s a useful marker to take stock of where you’ve been of the last 12 months and where you might go during the 12 months to come. Disaster recovery is no exception. There are also some major trends that were present in 2017 and that are likely to continue into 2018. Business is going too fast and is getting too complicated for manual disaster recovery to cope. Smaller IT and IT disaster recovery teams compound the problem. Correctly automated procedures to fail over systems to backups, restore data and switch network connections are increasingly the only way forward. Minimisation of RTO and RPO. Business wants more, and it wants it yesterday. While the laws of physics may make negative RTO and RPO (as in time travel) impossible, the pressure is on to decrease time to recover and data Read more