Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks

Cybercrime May Be Setting the Pace for Effective Disaster Recovery

It may seem strange to talk about observing cybercriminals at work, in order to beef up one’s own disaster recovery. DR planning and management in honest enterprises are often required as preparation and repair regarding malware attacks, illicit infiltration and control, data compromise, and other cyber nasties. Yet criminals, so it seems, are learning about disaster recovery tactics too, in order to build resilience into their attack infrastructure and resources. European and American police forces have been working to break criminals’ botnets, which are networks of machines such as PCs and servers belonging to others, but infected or controlled by attackers. The botnets may be used to spread malware infections or to perpetrate denial of service attacks on yet other machines. Police teams now see a trend among criminals to create several smaller botnets, rather than one bigger one. If one botnet is discovered and broken, the criminals can then Read more

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The Challenge of Big Data and IoT Security

By definition, big data means there’s a lot of it. If it’s being held in one static repository, then at least you don’t have to worry about moving it around and checking it as you do so. If on the other hand your big data is being generated by hordes of devices attached to the Internet (the Internet of Things or IoT), data security takes on a different aspect. In this case, it comes into your data centre over the network and must be checked for suspect packets before being let through into your servers and storage spaces. But how do you cope with up to terabytes of data arriving at the same time? Read more

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