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Disaster Recovery Has to Continue Beyond “Just Recovery”

There is a tendency to believe that once disaster recovery measures have been taken and systems brought back into operation, a disaster recovery manager’s job is done (apart from planning and preparing for future incidents). However, much like patients leaving hospital after an operation, vigilance is crucial. Complications and relapses can happen unexpectedly. Vulnerabilities can be created unintentionally Read more

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How Much Can Cloud Disaster Recovery Help Cut Costs without Compromising?

If there’s one thing that’s really grabbed businesses’ attention about cloud-based disaster recovery, it’s the opportunity to save money. Even for those big enough to have their own backup data centres, the prospect of moving to a pay-as-you-go solution instead of massive initial investment is enticing. And for those that were making do with on-site backups, they can get reduction in time and effort and an increase in resilience. However, cloud disaster recovery does have some limitations that organisations should know about before they send all of their data up into cyberspace. Read more

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