Cloud Computing

Designing in Disaster Recovery

From afterthought to preconception, many aspects of IT are now being designed into systems and networks at the earliest possible stage, i.e. when the first specification documents are drawn up. Code testing, performance, and security can all be part of the spec and developed and enhanced together with the application functionality. Sure, reliability and availability are usually part of the design and the project goals too, but the case is now strong for making disaster recovery part of the IT solution DNA as well. Read more

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Disaster Recovery: From the First Crash to No Crash?

Computers are as old as the hills, when you consider early technologies like the abacus. Short of picking an abacus up and shaking it, it must have been hard to make it crash. When the first gigantic computers with their valves and switches arrived, so did the first crashes from bugs, which were literally the insects flying into the electricals and causing problems. Read more

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You Can Outsource Your Supply Chain, but Can You Outsource Your Risk?

Supply chains are where the smart money is when it comes to building competitive advantage. Building a ‘machine’ that blends production, logistics, sales and service for the best in customer satisfaction and enterprise profitability is the way to get ahead. Great supply chains are hard to copy, unlike pricing strategies or even technology. However, great supply chains are sometimes hard to build as well. For reasons of cost reduction or access to resources and know-how that they don’t have in-house, many companies outsource part or even all of their supply chain activity. The risk however often stays within the companies – and it’s been getting bigger and bigger. Read more

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Cloud Disaster Recovery for the Masses still needs Checking

On the face of it, cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a dream come true for many organisations. Cloud computing services are reliable, scalable and pay-as-you-go; rather than the traditional solution of committing large amounts of capital to purchase additional servers and software licenses of your own. Yet businesses still need to make sure of at least three points before signing up for monthly DRaaS. Read more

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Moving Forward with Cloud Computing

In this day and age, the use of internal IT Infrastructure including hardware, software and storage are becoming a thing of the past for many organisations. “The Cloud” (hosted services including Infrastructure, Platform and Software) have become viable solutions to meet the IT needs of many companies. The Cloud can be deployed as private (for more security-stringent organisations, typically in industries like banking, government and healthcare) or public (providing services to anyone using the internet).  A third category, ‘hybrid cloud’, is a combination of public and private clouds and is presently the fastest growing flavor of Cloud computing. Read more

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