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Getting the Most Out of Business Continuity Consulting

As a competent, business continuity manager, does it make sense for you to consider bringing in external resources in business continuity consulting? The short answer is “maybe”. There are circumstances where external consultants can add significant value, without undermining your good standing as an employee. In fact, correctly selected and used, such consultants can even make you look even better! As with other decisions about using service providers, it comes down to knowing what your organization needs and checking that the provider in question can supply to meet those needs. Read more

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Hiring in DR and BC from the Start

If your organization has asked you to hire people to plan and manage its disaster recovery and business continuity, how should you set about it? The natural reaction of many hiring managers is to look for relevant skills and experience. However, this may not be the best approach. What you really want to know is if a candidate has a burning desire to help your organization to recover from IT disaster and continue operating even when the going gets tough. Even a previous title like “Business Continuity Manager” does not necessarily guarantee the passion for the job that you want to see in an applicant. You need another approach. Read more