Pandemic Preparedness for Organizations (BCP-PAN)

Duration: 1 day of instruction (8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

Certificate of Completion provided

Cost: A$1,395.00



Pandemic Preparedness for Organizations provides an in-depth review and analysis of a specialized methodology that serves the need to prepare businesses for the potential outbreak of a pandemic. Topics cover a full range from starting to think through the differences in a pandemic-specific plan to exercising and maintaining such a plan.


At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Become familiar with definitions surrounding, and potential consequences of a pandemic
  • Outline the starting point(s) for your organization
  • Assess organizational risks associated with pandemics
  • Properly identify critical organizational functions that may be affected
  • Verify related current procedures and responsibilities within your organization
  • Build plan elements and strategies that are pandemic-specific
  • Exercise and maintain pandemic-specific plans


Lesson 1: Get organized

  • Ensure you have leadership support
  • Determine the tools you will use to track the project and communicate progress
  • Identify the appropriate functions and individuals for representation on the project team that will drive this planning process through to completion
  • Ensure that you establish a pandemic-specific organization to support the pandemic plan
  • Establish a preliminary framework regarding how the plan will be approached and how the finished product will be organized

Lesson 2: Assess the risk and confirm critical functions

  • Evaluate organization-wide risk
  • Review your organization’s risk assessment for additional considerations from the perspective of a pandemic
  • Identify the critical activities that comprise key components of your organization before any significant planning can begin
  • Review your organization’s business impact analysis (BIA) to ensure that it captures in-depth requirements regarding key staff and associated resources
  • Identify and analyze the similarities and differences between your existing business continuity plan. Explore the potential strengths of the existing plan when moving toward adapting for a pandemic scenario
  • Utilize current plans, practices, and procedures within your organization when adapting your business continuity plan to fit a pandemic scenario
  • Examine the state of your organization’s departmental procedures to test for appropriateness and criticality

Lesson 3: Develop pandemic-specific plan elements

  • Develop organization-wide initiatives specific to a pandemic preparedness plan
  • Revise existing business continuity plan-related documentation to reflect pandemic-related requirements

Lesson 4: Develop pandemic-related plan strategies

  • Review strategic options and consider which ones might be viable for your organization
  • Assign responsibilities to appropriate areas for further research and investigation
  • Recommend the most viable options to leadership. Obtain approval and funding

Lesson 5: Put it all together

  • Create a robust pandemic preparedness plan that clearly communicates:
  • Information regarding pandemic considerations
  • Corporate direction to include policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Specific actions to be implemented to ensure that critical business functions are maintained
  • Resources to support critical functions
  • Contact information

Lesson 6: Exercise/test and maintain plan

  • Review options for pandemic scenario-based exercises/tests
  • Understand the elements required to conduct an exercise/test
  • Review requirements for a maintenance program to ensure all elements of the pandemic preparedness plan are updated as appropriate