Sometimes we get so busy trying to do things right that we get blindsided to some of the things we might be doing wrong. Doing things right can be considered as necessary, but not sufficient. Not doing things wrong (you’ll have to excuse a double negative here!) is the other half of the equation, only to be neglected at your peril. What can go wrong?

Everything, of course, although there are some things that crop up more often than others. Here are five to think about.

  1. IT DR people don’t understand the business
    An IT disaster recovery that meets all the objectives of the IT department may still leave the rest of the business in the lurch. The problem can be as simple as omitting to tell the rest of the business that systems are now back in operation.
  2. Thinking in terms of actions, instead of results
    Cookbooks and blueprints can be a boon when it comes to getting IT DR plans and management in place. The problem, however, is when they are followed slavishly and the only result sought is the tick in the box (“done that”) afterwards.
  3. Talking RTO, RPO, MTBF and other incomprehensible terms
    These may be second nature to you, but to the sales manager trying to keep revenue flowing in and customers satisfied, they may mean nothing. As a result, she won’t know what your disaster recovery is supposed to do, and you are unlikely to help her meet her business objectives.
  4. Crazy recovery goals
    These include goals that are impossible to meet, but assumed as valid by the business, and also goals that can be met, but that add no value or simply waste time and money.
  5. The business ignores disaster recovery
    We’re not suggesting your chief finance officer takes a month-long course in disaster recovery planning and management. However, non-IT colleagues should have a basic understanding of what DR is, why it is so important, and how it might save the day if the worst happens.

How many of these errors need fixing for your organisation? Let us know when they’ve been sorted out. Then we can get onto the next five!