1-Day Pandemic Influenza : Building a Continuity Plan (BCOE-PF1)

Course Outline:

The continuing risk presented by Influenza A (H1N1) or avian influenza (H5N1) has resulted in organizations taking definitive steps to reduce the impact of a pandemic on their employee base and business operations. While there is no way to predict exactly when a pandemic will occur, or the severity of the impact, the World Health Organization [WHO] has consistently stated that the risk of H1N1 or H5N1 developing into the next human pandemic influenza is immediate and very real. This 1-Day BCOE-PF1, Business Continuity Planning for Pandemic Influenza provides an in-depth review and analysis of a specialized methodology that serves the need to prepare businesses for a potential outbreak of pandemic influenza. Topics cover a full range from starting to think through the differences in a pandemic-specific plan to exercising and maintaining such a plan. This course is intended to provide a roadmap for the development of a robust Pandemic Preparedness Plan. Learners are provided with a thorough, step-by step guide, which is supported with a variety of tools to assist in project management, data gathering and creation of your final plan document.

In alignment with the 10 Professional Practices for Business Continuity Professionals, BCOE-PF1 escorts learners through the detailed phases of proper, efficient and strategic planning. Participants in this course hold the objective of optimal information absorption in the effort to support and retain preparedness across the organizations they support. The structure of the course involves the reading of recommended methods, the taking of tests after each of the steps, and follow-on, downloadable resources to aid participants in building a plan for their organization.

Learner Objectives :

During engagement with this course, learners will become enabled to:-

  • Become familiar with definitions surrounding, and potential consequences of pandemic influenza.
  • Begin to outline the starting point(s) for one’s organization.
  • Assess organizational risks associated with pandemic influenza.
  • Properly identify critical organizational functions that may be affected.
  • Verify related current procedures and responsibilities within one’s organization.
  • Build plan elements and strategies that are pandemic-specific.
  • Exercise and maintain pandemic-specific plans.

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